4 Steps for Building Agile Thinking to Thrive in a VUCA World
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Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity.

The US Army War College coined the acronym VUCA to paint a picture of the world that emerged from the end of the Cold War. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better description of today’s business environment than these four words.

What makes this VUCA world particularly challenging is the fact that our education and training didn’t prepare us for it. We’ve been taught to focus on our strengths and get really great at that one special thing we do. But extreme specialization doesn’t cut it any more.

So we’re left with some troubling questions: Are business leaders, managers and employees nimble enough to keep up? Do they have the agile thinking skills to execute on what has to get done today, see around corners to anticipate change, make meaning of a plethora of data and manage a wide variety of relationships?

Our research shows that CEOs do tend to have it—agile thinking has always been part of their job. Now it’s part of everyone’s job.

In this video, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi outlines four practical steps you can take immediately to shift mindsets and start developing agile thinking skills at all levels of the organization.


Many leaders, managers and employees struggle to take advantage of the diversity of thought available to them, even in the best of circumstances. The circumstances are now exponentially tougher. What are you doing to build their thinking agility?


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