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The brain loves novelty, and it's a good thing, because our world at Herrmann is brimming with newness: new products and platforms, interesting new applications of Whole Brain ® Thinking, new technologies expanding the reach of our systems, new thinkers engaging in new places around the world, and fantastic new practitioners adding to our global community. What better time than now to transform our “face” to the world and as we grow into the future.

Representing a simplified version of our original logo, this new mark stays true to the recognizable symbol that has always defined us as a company, combining references to the brain’s neural circuitry with the philosophical resonance of the Chinese “long life” symbol.

The “wiring” of each quadrant is pared down to its essential form and connected by the white space that is a critical part of our new branding. Within that frame, an “H” representing the Herrmann name emerges in the negative space and extends into the core of each quadrant, like the white matter of the brain - reinforcing that our Whole Brain approach helps connect the different thinking systems of our minds. It also serves as a small “aha” moment for the viewer, linking back to a core element of our brand DNA, the transformative “aha” moment that occurs when get your HBDI results.

The contemporary simplicity and bold lines of this new logo are distinctive across a variety of media, scaling well to suit the needs of our existing products as well as the new digital experiences that are a core part of our strategy moving forward.

Keep an eye out for more exciting updates coming soon—and thank you for being a part of this journey! 


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