Make Your Students EMPLOYABLE
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Make Your Students EMPLOYABLE

Recent employer surveys state that graduates lack essential communication, team playing and analytical skills. Approximately one third suggest that this ‘skills gap’ is a threat to the viability of their businesses. 

RSVP Design are experts in developing these vital skills and have created a range of products that will allow you to do the same.

“Creating and delivering the ‘Thinking out of the Box’ elective, using RSVP Design materials, has been a wonderful experience. The staff are motivated, excited and our enthusiasm is transferring to the students. Student feedback is outstanding – they are thinking about themselves, reflecting and producing assessment work that demonstrates a level of personal awareness and maturity that we never expected.”

Jo Visser, Annie Roberts and Deborah Brownlie Course Tutors, Bahrain Polytechnic


Our trainers and designers have been working to support the development of young people in education, training and employment for over thirty years, and have created a suite of products that you can easily introduce in your learning programs.

• Communication Skills

• Teamwork Skills

• Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

• Personal Management Skills

• Learning Skills


• Learning is engaging, interactive, memorable and powerful

• One single investment - our tools are durable, reusable and license free

• Cost effective - build up a library of tools for future use

• RSVP Design products are already proven and valued in leading global educational organisations



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