Core Architecture of Leadership System®

Whole Brain has input  over 25 years of efforts integrated the ‘7S theory’ of which created by the internationally renowned consultant Tom Peters and with reference to the ‘7S enhancement’ by the leadership potential development guru Dr. Stephen. R. Covey, the ‘unique advantage’ by strategy guru Michael E. Porter, and the ‘productivity can only come from purposely, well organized, and systems learning & training’ by the management guru Peter F. Drucker, we have developed the ‘Core Architecture of Leadership and Management Training System’. 

Systematic Diagnosis, Construction and Solution for Talent Shortage Issues

The Company has accumulated 20 years experience in the training and consulting for different industries and professional fields. By integrated and applied the modern scientific diagnostic tools, such as HBDI, behavior style LIFO and 360° core leadership assessment, to structure unique and system talents development solution to help client to solve the issue of talents shortage. 

Integrated Evaluation Method of Talents Development

The Company, combining the corporate leadership competence model, HBDProfile & LIFO Behavioral Assessment Report, plus experiential learning activity with tailored courses, helps companies to identify the potential talents and to provide the targeted core Human Capital solutions or Individual Development Plan, which is significant in the effect.

Cultivate internal outstanding HR talents or Financial Consultants for client, by transferring coaching technology, to upgrade HR or Finance Professional to the level of ‘Strategic Partners’ 

By introducing and carrying out the ‘system optimization project’, we bring the advanced human resources architecture, financial system re-engineering and capability onto the customers' internal HR and financial staff, with the most rapid and effective coaching method and, nurturing internal consultants of enterprises and raise the professional roles periodically to the level of Strategic Partners.


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