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Whole Brain Dominance Instrument applied in management role
– Management of Things
Sophia Yeh

       "Management of things" was composed by four elements which are plan, do, check and re-action, started from the tasks a manager should perform, focused on goal setting, implementation and summarization by layman's language, we promote manager to master methods and tools as BSC, SMART and etc, and to apply to daily job. With performance indicators as the basis of measurement reference , with a comprehensive view, we analyze the focus of team work, reasonably and timely adjust the plan, and facilitae managers to work more with less!

HBDI Individual Report Interpretation (Only for those who buy HBDI report)
Sophia Yeh

       HBDI is the outcome derived from 30 years of application and practice in 27 leading countries around the globe. In the United States there are more than 60 doctoral and master's thesis as the basis for the study. There are more than three million successful business people involved in the assessment and training, they step towards their career peak through a honest understanding of themselves, and most importantly, find happiness from their career. HBDI not only allows individuals to understand themselves and others’ thinking preferences, it can also be extended to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of team members so that we can train the Herrmann Brain-oriented team, and become a high performance team and maximize human resources efficiency!

Whole Brain Dominance Instrument applied in management role
– Management of people
Sophia Yeh

       Selection, positioning, training and development are the four elements of people management. We set out from the managers’ needs, focus on identification, coaching and training of talents. With layman's language, we assist managers to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team members, and make value from the understanding to enhance team effectiveness!

Three elements Makes You Feel Happy in Your Career
Lezhi Zhang

       The topic sets out from the meaning and value of career. By extending the “FLOW career happiness model”, three values of happiness are introduced, among which attitude value is the ground. Combined HBDI, matching individual career choices, challenges and opportunities, ultimately not only can you achieve individual success, but also you will concern individual contributions, grow yourself to a greater look and find your own career happiness!


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