Gold Mastery in Strategic Management

The Haines Centre has provided the Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certifications Series for over ten years.  These are the Gold Mastery Certifications in the Systems Thinking ApproachTM to the 3 Core Practice Areas of

- Strategic Thinking

- Strategic Planning

- Strategy Implementation (Executing Your Strategic Plan)

Each Gold Mastery Certification consists of 3 Phases:

● Step 1 3 Days Strategic Management Workshop

Strategic Thinking Approach

Strategic Planning and Management

Yearly Strategic Management Cycle

Preparing for Change

● Step 2 4.5 Days Strategic Management Master-class

Pre-workshop reading

10 Steps & Concepts of the Strategic Management System

Present two-three steps of the Yearly Strategic Management Cycle—demonstrate Mastery

Coach a peer on their two presentations

Be evaluated on/grow both your knowledge of Strategic Management and Facilitation Competencies

● Step 3  Internship

You will undergo a flexible internship program where you will work with a Haines Centre Master Facilitator to sharpen your practical competency in applying the Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management in the real world and submit with a written case study.

● Step 4 Application and Certified

All Certification Programs, including the Learning Workshops, Master-Classes and Internship, are led by our Master Facilitators in each area.   They bring with them not only mastery but also tacit knowledge and practical ability, honed through track records of work in organizations and with clients over many years.

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