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LIFO® is the abbreviation of Life Orientation®. In the 1960s, it is created by two American psychology and management consulting guru Stuart Atkins and Allan Katcher. To date, over 700 million people from more than 20 countries have been trained with this system. In the United States, more than ten thousand companies including nearly half of the nation's 500 large enterprises, more than 100 universities and countless hospitals, government agencies used this system, millions of trainees got benefit from the training; Japan's Toyota and other big companies have listed LIFO® method as a required course for the staff promotion; in China, a number of professional managers from famous enterprises including Microsoft, Unilever, Bank of China, Huawei, Lenovo, have also received training with LIFO® system.

LIFO® have a unique design of "life orientation" questionnaire, with which human behavior style can be identified as excellent, active, reasonable and harmonious based on basic human behavior preferences and objectives, attitudes and feelings under various environments. Each style has its value, but also has its drawbacks. How to make people with different styles play to their strengths is the purpose of LIFO® system.




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