Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®(HBDI® is the world’s leading Thinking Preference Assessment Profile, was developed by Dr. Ned Herrmann, the originators of Whole Brain Technology® and Whole Brain® Thinking, in the 1970s.


HBDI® identifies your preferred approach to analytical, structural, emotional, and strategic thinking. It also provides individuals with a significantly increased level of personal understanding.

More than forty years of research and innovation supported the validation of the HBDI® . Over three-million people worldwide have undergone HBDI® analysis. It is used by over 97% all Fortune 100 companies.

Four Level Applications

Foundation:  Building individual and group awareness, valuing difference

Application:  Developing team effectiveness and addressing specific business issues

Adoption:  Cross-functional collaboration

Transformation:  Think strategically the business application

Assessment and Interpretation

Completing the online survey, the system will generate a your-own HBDI® individual profile. It presents in individual profile, pair profile and team profile according to your actual needs and interpreted in the following different ways.

Interpretation Pattern

1.eLearning program:Individual user

2.One to one by consultant:Senior supervisor and strategic management

3.In house training by consultant:Team and team member

Core of Whole Brain Thinking ® at work

1.Individual and team effectiveness

• Increase individual and team success.

• Foster appreciation for the value of diverse thinking styles.

• Overcome thinking-style barriers to cross team integration.

2.Leadership Development

• Improve and accelerate decision-making and problem solving.

• Communicate better with direct reports, peers and supervisors.

• Increase mentoring success.

3.Talent Management

• Improve job fit and ramp-up time.

• Decrease turnover.

• Increase employee engagement.

•Scan for high-potential leaders, factor thinking preferences into career paths

4.Sales, Service, Marketing Effectiveness

• Build stronger customer relationships and increase loyalty.

• Close more deals by adding customer preferences into sales/negotiation methods.

• Apply thinking styles to shape market research and gain insight into target markets.

5.Creativity and Innovation

• Compose R&D groups, task forces and other groups based on an optimum blend of thinking preferences.

• Foster openness and appreciation for diversity of thought.

• Use Whole Brain® tools to spark creativity and breakthrough ideas.


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