Through integrate consul-training, system-approached coaching & blended process, we help clients to upgrade or refine their HR or Financial system, process and procedure.

Strategy & Organization Development

Whole Brain strategic development system helps enterprises establish a complete chain of strategic planning, with a high-performance culture (establishing ownership), operating system and objectives-oriented performance management system (developing the managers’ ownership behavior), so that corporate strategy can be deployed and implemented, regular performance improvements are conducted to achieve the organization's business objectives.

Organizational development planning is closely related and the company's vision and strategic objectives, we interpret the vision into concrete business figures, use the “begin with the end in mind’ paradigm, and conduct diagnosis based on the overall understanding of the enterprise’s operational environment, to help enterprises find the best balance in between efficient operation and preventive risk management, and further provide workable improvement recommendations..

Human Resource and Development

The biggest distinction between us and other consultancies is that our solution is systems-approached human resource training and development.  Associated with the optimization of institutional system, to achieve specific ROI outcomes of human resources development. 

The following are a few cases we make results:

1)Delta Electronics – The World No. 1 Power Supply Group

10 months continuing implement the customized global high-level strategic planning and systems training, the turnover increased from budget 23% to actual 37%, turnover of Accounts receivable from an average of 21 days reduced to 16 days.

2)SGS China - Internal Mini MBA Core Management Training Series

Thirteen-month consul-training dropped staff turnover to its lowest level for ten years, sales turnover doubled, yield rate tripled. 78% of the 58 talent pool got promoted.

3)President Food (China) Group

Through establish the periodical business review system & process, financial and strategic planning, objective-oriented performance management programs, and learn from the internal best practices, six months later, the president was told that the sales turnover of noodle product line increased dramatically.

4)Suzhou Gold Mantis Decorative Group

We help the Company two level transformation to upgrade their business model and develop high-performance culture internally, three years later, the company was listed in the stock market. Currently it is China's largest furnishing company. Till 2014, the sales turnover has grown 184 times from 1 billion RMB when it was listed.

Operation System

In order to assist enterprises to establish a high-performance & self-management culture, we help enterprises establish a highly efficient synchronous operation system to regularly check the operational effectiveness and to adjust business strategy or decisions to cope with the impact of rapidly changing external environment to the business. Not only does such operating system make the performance management more objective and impartial, it also help the Company retain those core and potential talents. In addition, this approach also applies to the market-oriented operation of government-owned enterprises, establish government-owned enterprise’ awareness of market-oriented operation and competition, so that operators get rid of old habits and the enterprises transfer to independent and positive development.

Financial Re-engineering System and Process

By one on many as well as group coaching and mentoring, we lead the financial department, establish a market-oriented, open and transparent financial management system, do the preparatory work before listing in the stock market and lay the foundation for sustainable growing.

We have led a group company with over 30 subsidiaries with an operating history over 10 years but without integrated financial statements of the group company; after six months since the coaching optimization project was started, the board of directors saw the group company’s aggregated financial statements, and they promoted the budget management system the next year.


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