Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument  

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The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®(HBDI)is the world’s leading Thinking Preference Assessment Profile, was developed by Dr. Ned Herrmann, the originators of Whole Brain Technology® and Whole Brain® Thinking, in the 1970s.

Experiential Learning System Model

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The learning system in reality, designed by RSVP from Britain, is a training tool, technology and activity to explore solutions against company real problem or issues. RSVP  focus on improving Leadership, strategic & systems thinking, communication, teamwork, team collaboration, project management, conflict management, organizational change, project plan, innovation competences and so on.

Global Center of Haines Strategic Management

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The Haines Centre for Strategic Management was founded in 1990, it enhances the strategic management and leadership capabilities of senior executives, their teams, and organizations as its mission. 

Advantage Development and Mangement

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LIFO® is the abbreviation of Life Orientation®. In the 1960s, it is created by two American psychology and management consulting guru Stuart Atkins and Allan Katcher. To date, over 700 million people from more than 20 countries have been trained with this system. In the United States, more than ten thousand companies including nearly half of the nation's 500 large enterprises, more than 100 universities and countless hospitals, government agencies used this system, millions of trainees got benefit from the training; Japan's Toyota and other big companies have listed LIFO® method as a required course for the staff promotion; in China, a number of professional managers from famous enterprises including Microsoft, Unilever, Bank of China, Lenovo, have also received training with LIFO® system.

Intergrative Learning System

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ILS,Integrative Learning System, integrates neuroscience, multiple intelligences, learning styles, accelerated learning research, and provides a set of philosophy of mind training mode, which can quickly and efficiently, in a more lively and interesting way achieve the purpose of training and coaching to enhance work performance.

Leadership and Management Evaluation

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360 ° Leadership and management ability assessment, also known as multi reviewers’ assessment, is applied in individual development evaluation and performance evaluation in human resource development. It becomes a new type of evaluation method for human resource management and used by many well-known companies because it allows democratic participation and multi-source feedback. Among the top 100 companies listed in "Fortune" magazine, over 90% of the companies use different forms of 360 ° Leadership and management ability assessment in human resource management and development.


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